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  Violin Making School San Filippo Italy

Violin-making Master  M° Enzo Cena

Enzo Cena was born in 1944 in Turin. Now he lives and works in Turin. He devotes his time to the manufacture of the bow, violins, violas and cellos. 

Over the years, his style and experiences have been enriched by time spent living abroad, where he acquired new fabrication techniques. His works are mainly inspired by the Piedmontese tradition, assuming their prints and models. 

Concentrating on form and materials, he has devoted a significant amount of his activity to scientific acoustic study, and to restoring antique and contemporary instruments.

His instruments are highly esteemed both in Italy and abroad.

Violin-making  Alessandro Tosi

Research  Dr. Marco Casazza - Ing. Raffaele Pisani

Communication & Marketing Activities  Dr.ssa Martina Cena