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Who we are

Scuola Liuteria San Filippo Italia  Violin Making School Italy

The plans for creating an intensive School of Violin-making was born inside the Accademia Liuteria Piemontese, thanks to the initiative of Master Luthier Enzo Cena and his staff. The purpose is to create a high-qualification center of professional education in the field of stringed instruments construction, with the intention to continue the centuries-old tradition of Piedmont violin-making.

The realization of this project was made possible thanks to the continuous aggregative and cultural mission by the Congregation of the Philippines, which has been promoting for several years, both cultural events and concerts and also a music school.

The Violin-Making School St. Philip stands in a relationship of subsidiarity and mediation with respect to institutions, distinct from each other and the land.

The propulsive forces, which give the energy of pursuing this project are, among the others: The continuous exchange with the music production environment; the desire to pass on a passion, which has its roots in the tradition of the Piedmont school, characterized by the fusion of the rigorous violin-making techniques of Northern Europe and the creativity of the Italian tradition; the awareness that art should belong to everyone.

These are the reasons that drive us to work tenaciously for this project.