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The School

Scuola Liuteria San Filippo Italia  Violin Making School San Filippo Italy

The purpose of the school

The aim of the school is to train a professional violin maker. The approach is intensive and adapted to the current needs of intensive learning, based primarily on laboratory activities.

In this way, we would like to encourage and promote this historic handmade excellence of the Piedmont Region both in Italy and abroad.

It is also the purpose of school pupils to start, at the end of their studies, a profession, providing and developing contacts for the main specialized exhibitions and dealers in the World (particularly in the U.S., China and Japan).

Why in Turin? Why in St. Philip?

Turin was the birthplace and the city where several famous violin makers operated: Guadagnini, Pressenda, Rock and many others, until today.

The famous violin maker Giovanni Battista Guadagnini in 1772 moved to Turin with his family.

The Guadagnini family lived for a period in St. Philip.

For these reasons, a school in Turin, at St. Philip's, has a clear raison d'etre.