Scuola Liuteria San Filippo Italia  Violin Making School San Filippo Italy

The aim of the School is to train future professional violin-makers. The method, which has been adapted to an intensive learning approach, is mainly based on laboratory activities and the use of new technologies as a support to traditional building methods. The purpose of the school is to help and promote this historical crafts excellence of the Piemonte Region in Italy and abroad.  


  1. Learning-by-doing, teaching the appropriate techniques of the violin’s manufacture through the different steps of the building processes. In particular, it will be taught the violin’s construction step by step, also trough the support of some advanced metrological devices, in order to enhance the acoustic performance of the final product;
  2. Transmitting the basic knowledge and the skills focused on violin’s design, realization, test, modification and set-up;
  3. Transmitting the knowledge related to the advanced technologies applied to the violin-making research (in terms of development, diagnostics and restauration);
  4. Teaching the basic techniques to play the violin;
  5. Transmitting the knowledge about the violin-making history;
  6. Supporting and promoting the historic excellence of violin-making art in Piemonte, through the promotion of the local production (both historical and contemporary) in Italy and abroad.

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